The IPS Guarantee

Q: What is the Inner Peace Security Guarantee?


  1. You, the artist, WILL make no money. We don't sell, let alone sell out.
  2. You WILL see your music on streaming music platforms.
  3. You MAY have the chance to possibly get some discounts on sandwiches at Quiznos.
  4. Those are our 3 promises.

Q: what are you trying to do with this label?


Our artists are constantly striving to produce decent music that has been called "pretty good I guess" in some circles. As a label we want to provide these artists with a few things that are basically free anyway so we don't really have any overhead at all. This website is free on Google Sites and the domain was like $10 on Go Daddy after a coupon code which is pretty sweet. I have like $150 of fun money per month to spend on whatever I want but I convinced my wife to let me sign up for some digital music distribution subscription services under a different category on our budget spreadsheet so it doesn't count against me. I hired her as the VP so please don't tell her I found that loophole. (Update: She found the loophole and I now have to pay, dang it)

Q: do you have any other deals like the quiznos one?


We are working on a thing with FedEx where our artists can get deals on black and white copies at certain FedEx kinko's locations (only in Vermont), but I don't really know much more about it than that. We are always on the lookout for sweet deals we can make with businesses even if they are fake and we made them up. Also we know a pretty important social media influencer named Ryan that makes good/cool/awesome cassette and lathe cut vinyl releases so that might be something to look at down the road once all of our artists are very famous.



They usually come to us because we're like pretty big in the independent music game. Dude, I was like at the store the other day and some other dude like came up to me and said "hey, hey you, can you get my single on spotify?" and I was like "probably."

Q: can i have a job at inner peace security?


Pretty much, I mean I don't really need anything done but you can work here I think. You can work here if you are great at landing bargains at sandwich/submarine shops (except for Subway).

More questions coming soon once people ask them.