Full House

that's right, we did it

If you've been following @hollygorock on Instagram you'll notice that we recently followed ALL of the stars of the 90s hit tv show Full House. We got followed back by a fake Candace Cameron but then we got liked by the real John Stamos so that kind of balances out I guess.

If we get 69 likes on the post I made about it then hollygorock will record the theme song to Full House and it'll be like totally sweet. Sweetin.

tgif 1989

Here's the Perfect Strangers theme I did recently so that's a good start I guess. I put it in twice to fill some white space.

Q: where are the olsen twins?

A: I don't know where the Olsen Twins are but I do know that they were never on Full House. You can find out more information about them on this website I found today https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary-Kate_and_Ashley_Olsen

Q: where is scott weinger?

A: Scott Weinger was in Aladdin and some people say he is still in Aladdin to this day.

Q: does mat hinkle have a john stamos shrine?

A: Yeah he did but I think he had to give it back.

Q: what is your favorite episode of full house?

A: I used to have a VHS tape called "Nick's Tape" that had Back to the Future Part III on it that I taped off of NBC when it first debuted but for some reason right after the movie ends it cuts to an episode of Full House that I recorded at a different point in time and that episode is the one where DJ Tanner fails a test and goes to Clown College. That's not my favorite though I don't think.


A: We tried for like almost an hour to make the Zoe's Kitchen / John Stamos deal happen but it's not looking great. The interns who run the Zoe's Kitchen instagram account were really into it but we never got an official response from John. We thought about bringing Zach Galifianakis into it but it doesn't look like he has an instagram account. Also my contact at Zoe's corporate hasn't texted me back about coupon deals YET but I still feel kinda ok about it. I'll try to remember to make my own printable ones if she doesn't get back to me in like several months. No promises.