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HOLLYGOROCK is working on a new full-length album of original material, but in the meantime is recording and releasing a collection of classic television theme song covers. The orange Season One of Television is now available on Spotify and all of the other digital music platforms (with the exception of 8 songs due to weird licensing issues).

Click here to go to stream and buy lot of hollygorock music.

sex camel

SEX CAMEL came here to write songs and get sandwich deals, and we're almost out of sandwiches. Greg Robinson kicks ass and has like tons of awesome songs. He came into the studio last year and recorded C Horse which is now available on all major digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube Music, Napster, Tidal, et cetera.

Check out more SEX CAMEL tunes and demos at Bandcamp.

pythagorean theorem

PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM is a Ukranian guitar and drum duo that likes to write weird time changes with pencil and paper. Their recordings are few and far between but I managed to compile six of them from lost tapes into a releasable format (i.e. Spotify). And iTunes. And the rest of them I guess. That's a video of them on the left if you're interested in what a Ukranian band looks like playing surf rock in an American room with wood paneling.

Stream the PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM self-titled EP on Spotify.

stop the revolution

STOP THE REVOLUTION is a kick ass rock band that recorded a bunch of singles in the mid-2000s. I have compiled them all onto an album called The Seasons Don't Change Me which is available on all major streaming platforms but Spotify is the only one that matters. I have been quoted as saying "if music isn't on Spotify it doesn't exist to me" which is true.

Buy STOPTHEREV stuff at Bandcamp because we make more money

more artists and releases coming soon!

but Check out these TV theme song videos by hollygorock:


Gilligan's island



perfect strangers

the adventures of pete & pete


twin peaks


fraggle rock

the beverly hillbillies

teenage mutant ninja turtles